Dual is the brand name of the highest quality DJ lifestyle furniture available. Since the launch of the initial line of Dual products in 2001, thousands of DJs, producers, nightclubs and record collectors have chosen Dual.

Structure & Style
Form and function, style and organization, passion and dedication. Dual was founded by DJs and it’s products have always been designed with the DJ in mind. All Dual products are designed by our own design team who work with DJs and producers to make sure every product meets the needs of the people they are designed for.

Step It Up

Whether you’re a home DJ, a nightclub DJ or a record collector, Dual has a piece to fit your lifestyle. Our line of DJ furniture products will take you to the next level and organize your space to be functional and beautiful. You’ve spent a lot of money on the best gear available, why wouldn’t you want the best possible setup for it? And a clean, modern and pro DJ setup is what you've been waiting for.

Unsurpassed quality
Dual has set the bar in quality standards in the DJ furniture industry. We use only the highest quality materials and manufacture everything in the USA.

Home Furnishings

Watch for the launch of our home furnishings collection in 2008!